What’s Good About New York Architectural Canopies?

Typically, canopies and awnings are recommended for the protection of your outdoor space from harsh sunlight, rainwater, and strong wind. New York architectural canopies have many qualities necessary for functionality.

What to Consider When Choosing Architectural Canopies
Five top features to look out for when choosing extruded architectural aluminum canopies include:

1. Integrated Gutter and Water Distribution System
Water-resistant gutter systems divert rainwater from the building foundation and prevent pooling in front of your entrance/exit points.
2. Style
Open framework and trelliswork canopy designs are stylish and ideal for many modern buildings. Custom New York architectural canopies and awnings can boost your property’s curb appeal.

3. Lighting 
Naturally, a dark or dimly lit entrance is uninviting to your guests. Therefore, lighting options are necessary to help patrons find their way through to the building without knocking stuff down at the entrance or exit.

4. Sturdy Metal Frames and Screens with High UV Protection 
Over-exposing yourself to direct sunlight is harmful to your health. Ensure that your architectural canopy has coverage walls to help protect your guests’ UV light.

5. Replacement Parts and Product Warranty
Occasionally, even the best temporary shelter can break down, and you may need to repair or replace damaged parts. A warranty and replacement parts from your contractor can give you peace of mind knowing that you will get professional help when canopy issues happen.

Are Architectural Canopies Necessary?
Yes, installing architectural canopies on your property has the following positive effects.

  • Improves the look of your exterior space
  • Helps keep your entrance dry during wet seasons and cool during summer
  • custom canopies double as your brand signage and can display your marketing messages
  • Provide a comfortable transitioning environment for customers entering or exiting your indoor space.


New York architectural canopies contractors such as the Awnings New York provide ultra-modern and sustainable temporary shelter solutions for buildings and outdoor spaces that last year after year. Our canopies remain undamaged by extreme wind and snow because we create products with high-level function and performance.