Classic Custom Awnings

Custom awnings shade and protect outdoor surfaces like room enclosures, entrances, carports, restaurants, decks, island barbeque covers, extended balcony covers, and poolside cabanas.

Canopy awnings provide shade throughout the New York City metropolitan area’s scorching summer months, decreasing indoor temperatures by roughly 15 to 20 degrees and offering a cooler outdoor experience.

Most custom awnings pay for themselves in five years through energy savings. These custom awnings don’t just offer your family protection and shade. When you have guests, they can also enjoy the shades during events.

We make each custom patio awnings canopy in-house, depending on your needs, preferences, and budget.

Examples of Our Custom Awnings
New York City Signs & Awnings install the following ‌custom awnings:

Commercial Awnings
Commercial Awnings customized specifically for your business are an excellent option regardless of size. That is because these awnings help your company’s branding, which is essential for making it stand out from its competitors in a notoriously cutthroat market.

Custom awnings aid in market awareness. People will associate your services, products, and brand with your building. Brand recognition increases demand. Your name or logo on a personalized awning could attract customers.

Retractable Awnings
Want a stylish, practical awning? A custom retractable awning is your best choice. Retractable awnings provide you with the option to control the right shade for you. You need only move the cover’s sliding mechanism to let in or keep out a sufficient quantity of light.

When a storm approaches, bring in your retractable awning to protect your awning from the elements, or leave it in its closed position to have a memorable outdoor event with your family and friends.

You can personalize your retractable awning by choosing your preferred color for the awning fabric and options that are both fire resistant and resistant to the elements.

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