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Outdoor Dining Enclosures

Large outside dining enclosures can be fabricated and installed quickly to accommodate a need to extend your restaurant, hotel lobby, or for any establishment that wants to expand their current space into an outdoor open area. These simple awning enclosures are fabricated using corrosive resistant metals such as aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel, and other corrosive resistant materials.  All of our materials, metals, hardware, quality aluminum extrusions, and castings are of the highest quality and engineered to last a lifetime.   All the framing connections are welded and our enclosures can be made to be quickly removed from the surround of your canopy or awning structure. Our outside canopies are covered using a waterproof fire rated fabric with a ten-year guarantee. Our enclosure panels can be covered in fabric or aluminum and can also be insulated depending on your needs. Please contact us, our knowledgeable staff will answer your questions and deliver a canopy that will meet all your needs and get you your desired result.



Awning Pergola Systems

There are many types of pergola enclosures that can be a good fit to expand your space to the exterior of your establishment, rooftop, or household area that you would like to cover or enclose to provide shade, cover from the elements, and privacy. We offer high quality awning pergola systems that have the ability to be retracted or a louver system can be implemented to provide natural light at the touch of a button. Our pergolas systems can be created and installed at any proportion by adding sections to your design. These shade structures are high quality and we use the most advanced systems for retracting the fabric roof or adjusting louvers for the perfect result. Our awning structures and pergola systems are all rated for commercial use and when installed commercially they provide a long lasting extremely dependable shade and protection solution from the elements. You will get a lifetime of use and enjoyment out of your retractable pergola. When it comes to the operation of your enclosed structures electronic functions, we provide the highest quality control devices for simplicity of use.

More and more restaurants and other dining facilities are requiring expansion of their existing space to outside areas that are available to them. Our awning structures, outdoor dining enclosures are a great way to quickly expand your eating area to the outside. Our custom enclosure structures can be fabricated quickly and engineered to be just as quickly implemented into your outdoor usable space. Due to increases in commercial space rental costs it has become necessary for restaurants to have outdoor canopies and enclosures installed to expand their capacity and keep up with their day to day challenges. We will make sure that the awning, enclosure or retractable pergola system you choose is the correct structure to meet your needs. We will value engineer the canopy enclosure you choose to be as affordable as possible while still providing the most high-quality seasonal structure or permanent canopy to last a lifetime.

                              Canopy Enclosures can be installed in a multitude of styles and configurations

We build and install exterior canopies and exterior enclosures for outdoor dining and a multitude of other applications were these awnings and enclosures will play a big role in the success of your business.Our enclosures come in a multitude of styles and configuration. They can be erected as free-standing structures or they can be installed as an addition to your existing space. We have options that include retractable roofs or louvered systems that can be opened and closed.  We can enclose these structures with motorized roll down vertical coverings in various options, or they can be fitted with removable rigid panels covered using various materials that suit your particular needs. Our quality made canopies and enclosures create a comfortable, worry-free environment custom designed for your patrons’ safety and enjoyment.  Feel free to contact us to discuss your project, we look forward to hearing from you. We provide our services in New York City, Long Island, New Jersey, The Jersey Shore, Philadelphia, Delaware, Maryland, and the Washington DC metro area including northern Virginia. We also provide nationwide services for canopies, retractable awnings and pergolas, fabrication and installation.

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