New York City Signs & Awnings designs manufactures, and installs affordable well-made awnings and canopies for the New York City metropolitan area. We service Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island. We also provide excellent service in Long Island, Central and Northern New Jersey. We will also travel to other cities such as Philadelphia, and Washington, DC. We also service customers in the Pocono Mountains, Westchester County, Connecticut, and other areas in New England.

We design manufacture, and install Awnings, canopies, metal awning, retractable awnings. Structural canopies and awnings. Metal standing seam awnings, winter vestibule enclosures and all types of seasonal and permanent awning enclosures and pergola systems. We create beautiful architectural canopies and awnings for retail stores, restaurants, office buildings, apartment building, hospitals, and many other applications where awnings are needed.

We provide winter vestibules and winter door sidewalk vestibules in a variety of styles and sizes to accommodate your particular needs for your specific building entrance. Our seasonal winter vestibule enclosures are great looking and make it possible to maintain a comfortable temperature in your establishment no matter how cold it is outside. Our winter vestibules keep the cold weather out.

Sidewalk café barricades or sidewalk barriers are a great way to advertise and define you outside eating area. They also offer a greater level of safety for your sidewalk dining area. These fantastic logo printed sidewalk partitions give you the ability to control the seating for any great outdoor café dining area that is exposed to the public sidewalk.

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We strive to complete all of our awning projects in a systematic and orderly fashion to bring your project from our initial site visit, cost and rendering approval to, design, engineering, awning fabrication, and finally to installation and completion. When plans change and the New York City conditions make it difficult to hold to a schedule, we like to think we set ourselves apart from our competition. We provide excellent service when the conditions are less than perfect.  Our staff of experienced creative professionals will do all they can to make sure your awning project is completed to your desired result.

Our design and engineering staff are skilled and creative professionals. We provide high quality easy to understand architectural quality renderings for approval. We will then develop shop drawings detailing every aspect of the creation and installation of your project for a fast approval from your landlord, property manager, building superintendent, or engineer.

Our customer service, fabrication and installations departments work hand in hand so the awnings, canopies, and winter vestibule enclosures we produce are sized correctly to be transported and installed safely and properly. When fabricating awnings and canopies in New York City or any Metropolitan area you must account for harsh weather and environmental conditions. Our awning products are made with the best corrosive resistant materials available. We only use the best name brand fabrics, and coverings with ratings for wind and guaranties against failure in outdoor conditions. Our painting and powder coated finishes are beautiful and extremely durable.
Our fabric and metal coverings, and in some cases our structural awnings requiring glass, plastic, or fiberglass coverings are done with great care. Our people that specialize in creating sewn and fabricated coverings combine old world skills with modern technology to provide high quality reliable awning and canopy covering for all our enclosed awnings to maintain temperature or provide cover for the most advantageous result.

New York City Signs & Awnings provides repair, cleaning and storage services for your outdoor products such as retractable awnings, stationary awnings and canopies, winter vestibule enclosures and other seasonal enclosures. We can pick up and store your outdoor umbrellas, sidewalk cafe barricades, tables and chairs, and any other outdoor furniture your would like to store with us.

Winter Vestibule Enclosure Storage

For a set price we will remove and pick up your winter vestibule enclosure, store it when not needed return and install it the following fall for winter use.

We create professionally designed, quality made and installed awnings, canopies, and custom enclosures.
We pride ourselves on expert craftmanship, high quality project management and customer service.
Please consider New York City Signs & Awnings for your awning or canopy project in New York City and the surrounding areas we service.

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