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Entrance Canopies and Free Standing Awning Structures for Restaurants, Hotels, Apartment Buildings, Storefronts, and other Commercial Buildings in NYC

The first impression of any building, no matter how simple, is the entry. Using an awning canopy structure is a cost-effective way to combine style and function. Awning Canopies provide decoration and identification to your building’s entrance. An awning covered entrance also provides cover from bad weather and the hot sun. Show your guests and patrons that you care for their wellbeing by providing them with a comfortable place to stand while waiting in front of your building. Awning canopies are also a great way to provide sufficient lighting at your entrance way; an investment that will keep your entrance area safe and well lit. All of our awning frames and covers are custom made, we’re able to manufacture any trussing or frame configuration you can design in just about any size. We also offer design drawings and engineering calculations for all of our products.

Entrance Canopies are becoming a requirement in many areas of New York City; these are to be fitted at school entrances and all public buildings. Entrance canopies may become a requirement on all buildings where the public has access. While it varies from neighborhood to neighborhood, many city planners are asking that entrances have canopies so people waiting, particularly those in wheel chairs do not get wet while waiting for the door to be opened or their transportation to arrive. An affordable entrance canopy would certainly enhance the entry to any building. Not only can Entrance Canopies or Covered Walkways serve as an architectural feature but they also give the practical benefits of providing protection from the weather and leading visitors to the proper entrance. We manufacture canopies to meet your specific needs and architectural specifications. As businesses expand, buildings often become detached from each other creating difficulties of moving between buildings in bad weather. The answer is to link these buildings with covered walkways that can either be open or closed sided to create external corridors. Awning canopies have way to many uses to list and with the rising cost of construction this is a great way to keep your costs low and still provide cover and safety. We can provide awning canopies in Brooklyn, New York City, Queens New York, the Bronx and Staten Island New York. We also service all of Long Island New York and northern and central New Jersey. Awning Canopies and Building Entrance Structures are a great way to welcome people and customers to you restaurant, apartment building, retail store, hotel or commercial building.

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