4 Types of Building Awning for Your Establishment

Building awning comes in all shapes and sizes. From retractable awnings all the way to stationary awnings, there’s a host of amazing products to choose from.

We’re going to explore four types of building awning and see what the advantages are for each one.

1. Retractable outdoor awning
This type of awning is ideal for terraces, decks, and patios. Whether commercial or residential, retractable awnings add a touch of sophistication to any outdoor setting. Featuring technology that allows remote control access and is designed to complement your existing décor, they can be used to spruce up any outdoor space while providing shelter from the elements.

2. Entrance canopies
The A-Frame canopy is one of the most popular choices when it comes to entranceway building awnings. Perfect for restaurants and hotels, it is a convenient way to shield patrons from adverse weather as they enter or leave your business. In addition, it can also serve as a billboard where you can place your business logo, words of welcome, or contact information.

3. Dome building awning
The dome awning has been around for a while now and is easily recognized on the balconies and terraces of upmarket hotels. They make a bold statement by allowing establishments to distinguish themselves from neighboring buildings. Beautiful and functional, they can be custom-made to be in harmony with brand colors.

4. American classic building awning
Often associated with vintage style, the American Classic building awning, typically featuring a striped fabric, is a great option for residential awning requirements. This traditional style awning, generally operated manually using a rope and pulley system, can also be automated if desired. It’s the right look if you’re after a laissez-faire nostalgic retro awning style for your building.

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