Why Architectural Metal Canopies Are Good for Outdoors

Architectural metal canopies can endure extreme weather and offer more robust outdoor shading solutions when compared to alternative fabric-made enclosures. Plus, you can choose from many custom layouts, styles, and colors. The New York City Signs & Awnings experts create unique designs and fabricate metal canopy components to suit your style. The installation process is easy, and our technicians deliver ready-to-assemble shades to your facility.

What Makes Architectural Metal Canopies Good for Outdoors?

New York City Signs & Awnings contractors use high-quality materials and state-of-the-art production technologies to create all-weather architectural metal awnings and canopies. Many metal shade manufacturers use stainless steel, brass, copper, or aluminum to create different components of metal canopies.

Stainless steel 
Besides being durable, the chromium in this metal makes it resistant to corrosion, which is the structural support component of your outdoor canopy. But without regular maintenance, stainless steel can lose its beautiful sheen and may not live to its maximum lifespan.

Top awnings and canopy engineers use aluminum to create quality architectural metal canopies because it is lightweight, malleable, and rust-free. Although this metal is not as strong as steel, aluminum can withstand extreme weather and requires minimum maintenance. Globally, aluminum is one of the most popular metals, which makes it more affordable than brass or copper.

Metal canopy engineers use brass for decorative pieces in different colors. It is durable and can endure hot and cold outdoor climates.

Copper can add value to architectural metal canopies because it has corrosion-resistant properties, strength, and malleability.

Architectural metal canopies are quick solutions to create an all-weather outdoor shade for dining, parking, or entertainment. New York City Signs & Awnings contractors offer sustainable shade solutions for homes, commercial buildings, and outdoor spaces. We guarantee that your custom-designed architectural metal shade will boost your property’s curb appeal and last for many seasons.