Your Sunbrella Awnings Questions Answered

Sunbrella awnings have enjoyed a stellar reputation over the years. They are among the leading and most trustworthy brands in the industry. If you’re thinking of purchasing Sunbrella fabric, you probably have a few questions you’d like answered.

We take time in this post to address some of the more common questions regarding Sunbrella awnings. Let’s dive right in.

1. How long do Sunbrella awnings last?
Sunbrella awnings, regardless of whether you’re referring to the marine fabrics or standard awning fabrics, all come with a 10-year-warranty. Colors may fade at different rates, however, and this is something that’s uniform across woven acrylics and not merely a feature of Sunbrella awnings.

2. Why are Sunbrella awnings so popular?
Sunbrella awnings are renowned fabrics, desired for their water and UV resistance, exceptional durability, and ability to repel mold and mildew.

3. Are Sunbrella awnings better than Sunsetter?
Both Sunbrella and Sunsetter offer high-quality brand fabrics, but Sunbrella takes things up a notch. The life expectancy on their products is 10 years while Sunsetter offers just a 5-year warranty. Furthermore, Sunbrella has a wider array of colors to choose from, over 100, while Sunsetter has a mere 28.

4. What should I know about Sunbrella fabric grades?
The company offers fabrics in a multitude of patterns but in essence, there aren’t varying fabric grades. Sunbrella fabrics are all standard grade and only differ in price point.

5. Where is Sunbrella fabric manufactured?
According to the company website, Sunbrella fabrics are woven in two plants, the first one is located in Lille, France, and another one is in Suzhou, China. Sunbrella maintains that regardless of where the fabrics are woven, they’re all manufactured to the same standard and can be shipped to customers anywhere in the world.

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