The 5 In Vogue Custom Awnings

Awnings have come a long way from their humble beginnings. Today’s versions are highly sophisticated and tailored – custom awnings if you want.

Commercial and residential awnings aren’t just overhead shelters anymore. They’re part of the aesthetic of a building, playing the role of entertainment hubs and providing extra seating space for restaurants, cafés, and patios.

These tailored awnings are now in vogue and in this post, we take a look at five of the most popular custom awnings.

1. Adjustable louver awnings
If you’re after a custom awning that gives you the ability to control how much sunshine comes through, then this might be the awning for you. Thanks to the adjustable panels, you can open and close them as you desire either creating a shaded environment or one flooded by sunlight. Remote-controlled adjustable louver awnings are also available.

2. Ceiling sheet awnings
Not every awning is waterproof. But this custom awning is specifically designed with water prevention in mind. The waterproof ceiling makes it possible for you to enjoy spending time outdoors even when there’s a drizzle or even a heavy downpour.

3. Dome awnings
This type of customized awning has been popularized by hotels and is often seen at the entrance as the dome-shaped canopy leading into the building. It is particularly useful as an entrance walkway at posh restaurants and upmarket establishments. It’s a great billboard as well seeing as you can brand your company details onto the awning.

4. Fixed acrylic awnings
Commercial custom awnings do have to be maintained. One of the best awning investments that is guaranteed to not discolor as the seasons change is one made of acrylic. Another great option is aluminum awnings if acrylic isn’t quite your style.

5. Skywave awnings
If luxury is your goal, then skywave awnings are what you want. Made of aluminum and featuring high-end technology that allows remote control opening and closing, these awnings are a great addition for those seeking superior protection from the elements and convenience.

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