Why Your Business Establishment Needs a Winter Vestibule Enclosure Now More Than Ever

As the bitter cold season fast approaches, the winter enclosure is perhaps your best shield against the chills that permeate your space. This protective cover is the latest innovation to protect your business, customers, and staff from the cold air that blows into your room once you open doors wide. The barrier also comes in handy at the entrance, extended sidewalk, or any other open space, helping to keep off the unforgiving cold air. Here is why this cover is indispensable:

1. Winter Vestibule Enclosure Protects Your Customers from Harsh Elements
What else would you want other than to keep your restaurant guests comfortable? A winter vestibule enclosure acts as a vital buffer between the interior of your building and the intrusive elements. You can now conveniently open the main door without the intrusive winds.

2. Winter Vestibule Enclosure Helps with Energy Efficiency
Keeping energy bills down can help boost your business. A winter vestibule enclosure keeps the cold air from inflowing into your space and helps seal the warm air in. It is an excellent and ingenious way to reduce heating costs. The winter buffer also helps maintain consistent temperatures.

3. It Is Easy to Install and Store a Winter Vestibule Enclosure
Winter vestibule enclosures are essentially lightweight and portable. It’s pretty easy to install and remove. You can quickly fold it away when the cold season wanes for safe storage.

4. The Unique Wind Door Features Attractive Durable Material
Winter vestibule enclosures are not just affordable. They also comprise the best hard-wearing Sunbrella fabric and commercial-grade, non-corrosive material. The buffer’s beautiful covering is a functional aesthetic feature that enthralls and charms your guests.

Our custom-made winter barriers cater to all types of spaces and businesses. For example, most restaurants use the winter vestibule enclosure as a simple wind door. Yet any other business can also utilize it to keep the cold air out and minimize winter heating costs.

Please, contact us today for more information about the winter vestibule enclosure for your needs.