All Weather Commercial Restaurant Vestibule Enclosures

No matter the change in climate within your local area, you can always keep your eatery’s temperature comfortable for guests or customers with quality restaurant vestibule enclosures. Commercial vestibules also offer restaurants and hotels flexible protection from the elements between their front door and the street. All-weather commercial vestibule enclosures can make a welcoming beautiful hallway or entrance point for your restaurant.

Benefits of Installing Restaurant Vestibule and Exterior Enclosures
An HVAC system does a near-perfect job of keeping your interior temperature comfortable during summer and winter. But the constant opening and shutting of your restaurant’s double front door can ruin your AC’s efforts, causing you to incur high energy bills. However, you can stop this issue by installing a commercial sidewalk vestibule. Here are three ways restaurant owners can benefit 365 days a year by installing movable entrance enclosures.

Evacuate Rainwater
Even after a delicious meal, the elements can ruin a pleasurable experience if guests have to wade through a flooded front door to their taxi or car. Custom commercial vestibules with gutters can enhance the dining experience for customers by keeping rainwater out of your outdoor dining space quickly and safely.

Keeps Heat/Cold Air Indoor
Movable entrance enclosures are an excellent way to maintain a favorable climate in your eatery for a pleasant customer experience. A restaurant vestibule creates an additional barrier that helps keep heat or cool air from escaping indoors.

Noise Barrier
Besides letting in the exterior climate, an open front door enables noise such as the honking of cars, sirens, construction site equipment sound, and more indoors. Entrance vestibule enclosures can help keep street noise out.

New York City Signs and Awnings offer hotel and restaurant owners a simple, effective, and convenient solution to keep the indoor temperature favorable for guests. We provide quality commercial restaurant vestibule enclosures, custom-made enclosures, installation, and storage to our clients. All our sidewalk vestibule enclosures feature stable aluminum frames with sturdy roof and siding materials.