commercial canopy for restaurant

Should you replace your commercial canopy for restaurants bi-annually, annually, or every decade?

Business owners in cosmopolitan cities like New York understand the importance of standing out from the crowd. One way in which businesses can break from their neighboring rivals is through their branding, signage, and commercial canopies.  

For this reason, many people are curious to learn more about these canopies and have been asking numerous questions including “how often should I replace my restaurant commercial canopy?”

We will of course answer this question in this post, but first, here’s why you should seriously consider investing in a commercial canopy for your restaurant.

The case for commercial canopies for restaurants
First impressions are exceedingly important. You and your business only have 27 seconds to make a favorable impression. And, according to the folks over at the American Psychological Association, “judgments are being made and impressions formed all the time” whether you like it or not.

An attractive commercial canopy for your restaurant can leave a lasting impression and make it easier for people to remember your place in the future. Not only does a restaurant canopy add flair to your establishment but it can also double as a shade under which you may set up an outdoor patio and create extra dining space.

The reasons behind commercial canopy replacement
Commercial canopies may be replaced for any one of the following reasons:

  • When they are faded and appear washed out.
  • When cleaning them no longer restores them to their former luster.
  • When your insurers demand it as part of your eligibility for insurance.
  • When canopies are stained, torn, and have lost functionality.
  • When a company rebrands and changes its brand colors.

Now that we know why we should replace restaurant canopies, let’s answer the “how often” question.

Frequency of restaurant commercial canopy replacement

The lifespan of a typical commercial canopy for a restaurant depends on the canopy material, maintenance, and environmental factors.

A general rule of thumb is to replace your canopies every 5 to 10 years.

Every 5 years: if your business is located in a place with adverse weather conditions (extremes of heat and or cold). In this scenario, your canopy endures a great deal of wear and tear and will therefore potentially need to be replaced sooner.
Every 10 years: if outdoor weather is favorable and you have a regular maintenance routine to keep your canopy in tip-top shape.
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