commercial awnings NY

It’s a little-known fact but awnings, in general, are not a modern invention. Au contraire. The earliest mention we have of a “linen-awning” is found in a piece written by Roman poet Lucretius all the way back in 50 B.C.

In this post, we take a look at five things you probably didn’t know about commercial awnings in NY.

1. Commercial awnings trace their roots to the 19th century
Commercial awnings, as we know them today, trace their roots back to the mid-1800s. The emerging merchant class had to find creative ways to protect their window displays from the sun. Manufacturers took up the challenge and in no time tapestries of all sorts – striped, colorful, and ornate – began to adorn shop windows.

2. Commercial awnings NY are available in a range of materials
At the turn of the century, canvas duck was the more popular awning material in use. However, it was a difficult material because of its vulnerability to mildew and flammability. Following World War II, polyester, vinyl resins, and acrylic fibers were introduced.  Today, commercial awnings are made from a myriad of materials including aluminum and high-quality fibers.

3. Commercial awnings can be customized
Do you want your awnings to be of a solid color? To be stripped? To bear your business logo? Slogan? Contact details? Whatever you desire, your commercial awning can be personalized according to your preference. You could say that there is an awning for every business out there.

4. Commercial awnings are extremely durable
From the beginning, commercial awnings were designed to be durable. They needed to be able to bear up under adverse weather conditions. Commercial awnings NY from New York City Signs and Awnings can withstand snowfall, rain, or hot summer days. Replacement is typically after 5 years depending on the amount of wear the awning has endured.
5. Commercial awnings can be stationary or retractable
One advantage of modern-day commercial awnings is their versatility. Businesses are not stuck with stationary awnings anymore. Retractable options are perfect, especially for restaurant-type settings. By extending the awning you can create an outdoor patio space where weather permitting your patrons may dine outdoors.

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