canopy New York

Why should you invest in a Canopy in New York?

Installation of a canopy is one of the fastest ways to improve your building’s exterior and draw attention all while protecting against UV rays. Not only is it a budget-friendly way to upgrade but it will certainly make you stand out among your competitors.

Now, here are five reasons we believe a canopy is worth every penny invested.

Reason #1 Canopies promote energy efficiency
According to a study published by the Professional Awnings Manufacturers Association (PAMA), canopies and awnings have been shown to help you reduce energy costs and preserve your air conditioning unit. A one-time canopy installation can potentially assist you in lowering your annual energy bill.

Reason #2 Protect patrons from harmful UV rays
If you’re a restaurant owner with an outdoor space, you’ll definitely want to protect yourself and your dining patrons from harmful UV rays. A canopy in New York will also protect wooden building elements such as door frames from direct sunlight.

Reason #3 Increase privacy when dining or shopping
Canopies strategically placed over your store windows can give patrons a sense of privacy while shopping or dining. For example, if you have a shop or restaurant near a hotel or busy area, you must consider the ambiance your clients would prefer. For many, it’s one of peace, privacy, and calm. This can be achieved with the right canopy.

Reason #4 Stress-free low-cost maintenance
Unlike other parts of your building that demand costly upkeep, the maintenance required for your canopy in New York is very low. And, because most canopies are made of a durable fabric they are incredibly simple to clean. Enjoy a stress-free canopy maintenance routine.

Reason #5 Canopies attract attention to your store
Microsoft published a shocking study that revealed that human beings now have an attention span of just 8 seconds. The news was shocking because goldfish can now boast of having a longer attention span than humans!

This brings us back to canopies. In a sea of storefronts that all look the same, a canopy is a sure-fire way to break the monotony of uniform shops along the street. You’ve only got a brief window to grab peoples’ attention and a canopy can help.
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