3 Awnings for Homes Design Ideas You Need to Hear About

When it comes to choosing awnings, great care must be taken. The right residential awning can significantly increase the attractiveness of your outdoor space while the wrong one can detract from your home.

Whether you’re looking for awning design inspiration for your deck, patio, bar area, or indeed a balcony, the following three awnings for home ideas are sure to inspire you.

Without further ado, let’s jump right on in.

Design Inspiration #1 Permanent residential awnings
If you prefer having your residential awning out all year round through the seasons, then a permanent solution is your best bet. With such an awning, you’re going to want to make sure you get a good quality product with just the right type of shade factor to block out UV rays. Free consultation from New York City Signs & Awnings experts can help you figure out technicalities such as choice of material, style, and sizing.

Design Inspiration #2 Retractable residential awnings
If you’re not a fan of year-round permanent awnings, then retractable awnings just might be the ones for you. This type of awning is advantageous in that it is self-storing and virtually maintenance-free. In addition, you can opt for a modern automated option or the kind you crank up if you fancy a more traditional style awning.

Design Inspiration #3 Awning pergola systems
Perhaps you want something a little different? Awning pergola systems have gained widespread popularity in recent years both for their functionality and their aesthetic appeal. Custom-made to fit your desired space, these high-quality shade structures can also be retractable in nature.

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