Canopy Enclosures: Interesting Facts for Your Digest

Canopy enclosures are outdoor tent-like structures that aim to provide shade to a person or group of people. They are commonly used in house and restaurant front entrances, sporting events, open markets, backyard parties, and carports.

Most canopies are made up of a peaked pyramid roof, support poles, or frames but no sides: this is the primary difference between canopies and tents.

What Should You Consider When Buying a Canopy Enclosure?
We consider several aspects at Awnings New York as we make the canopy enclosures.

First is the size of the canopy. Size is determined by the average number of occupants expected to occupy it or the purpose it is meant for.

Second is the material used to make the canopy? It is supposed to be high quality to promote durability. The material should also be weatherproof to protect people from adverse weather, either hot sun or rain.

Types of Canopy enclosures
Canopies can either be on a pole or frame. Either way, they are divided into two groups.

  • Instant pop-up canopies: These types of shelters are easy to install and dismantle, light in weight, compact when collapsed for easy transport, less durable, and easily affected by harsh weather conditions.
  • Commercial canopy tents are canopies onto which sides can be attached to make them more tent-like. They include:
  1. Carport canopies: Installed in the driveway or the backyard for the car. They are weather resistant.
  2. Outdoor storage canopies: Meant for storage of equipment that is used outdoors: lawnmowers, dried firewood, or even small amounts of hay from the garden.
  3. Party canopies: used for outdoor celebration activities. They are usually large to accommodate most people and very weather-resistant. You can add windows and walls depending on convenience.

Canopy enclosures are the best option for creating additional outdoor space for events protected from the hot sun or rain. We encourage you to give us a call and let us create for you that extra space when you need it.