3 Tips-How to Choose Awnings for Storefronts

In the 19th century, business owners installed awnings to provide shade and shelter from the sun and light rain. Today, when you think about awnings for storefronts, you consider how this sheet of material overhanging your store window or door can add value to your business. Let us show you three tips to observe when choosing a style for your storefront awning.

1. Curb Appeal
Installing quality awnings can instantly give any building a newer look. Storefront awnings can boost the visibility of your business and help customers see it from the street. Choose a style that adds elegance to your store to make it stand out. Awning contractors offer retractable awnings in different fabrics, colors, and prints. Bright colored awnings for storefronts with custom printed decorative or pleated drapery make a beautiful outdoor space for your business.

2. Branding
A stylish Sunbrella fabric suspended over your store entrance can double as your signage and boost your brand visibility. Go for the unique colors that represent your business and display your logo in bright prints. Branded storefront awnings are like landmarks that help customers remember your store and attract more shoppers to your business.

3. Shade and Drain
Whether you are selling clothes, groceries, toys, or household goods, too much exposure to sun rays can damage merchandise stacked behind windows or on sidewalks. In older buildings, the wind can blow rainwater through the entrance and widows, which causes damage to valuable items in your store. A professional contractor can help you choose awnings for storefronts in durable and weatherproof material. Many commercial awning styles provide shade and allow rainwater to drain further from your storefront.

Canopies and awnings for storefronts have a way of attracting eyes to a business. New York City Signs & Awnings have years of experience in the industry and make customized designs for commercial awning projects. Are you looking for ways to attract customers? You can get your custom retractable awning here today to help your business stand out.