NYC Restaurant Vestibules: Why Vestibules Are Popular in New York

The harshness of winter is not unique to New York; many others share this characteristic. Consider the cities of Boston and Chicago, for instance. Summers can get quite warm (in both cities), and winters can get downright chilly. But vestibules are surprisingly uncommon there. What is the relationship between restaurant vestibules and New York City?

#1: New York Is the Birthplace of Vestibules
Looking at the vestibule situation from a pragmatic perspective, one can see some reason. New York City is the home of vestibules. In addition, restaurants can use vestibules as a simple and inexpensive solution to keep their customers warm and comfortable throughout the city’s icy winters.

Additionally, New York Metropolis has more people living in it than any other city in the entire country. Because of this, it boasts more eateries per capita than any other American metropolis. Since this is the case, it is not surprising that vestibules are popular in New York.

#2: Prosperous Restaurant Culture
We could also attribute New York City’s love of restaurant entranceways to a few other things. A vibrant restaurant culture exists alongside New York City’s abundance of eateries. Vacationers and locals alike can dine at any hour of the day or night at any of the city’s many excellent restaurants.

Vestibules provide welcome shelter from the chilly night air, allowing night owls to wait comfortably at the entry or dine inside. As a result, New York City restaurant owners have a vested interest in keeping dining out as popular as possible.

#3: New York Is a Walkable City
NYC’s sidewalks are wide and spacious in the US. Restaurants need a large enough space to install vestibules. That’s because vestibules protrude a few feet onto the pavement. So, with enough space, they can install NYC restaurant vestibules without blocking the sidewalk or obstructing the flow of foot traffic.

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