Expert Maintenance Tips for Retractable Side Awnings| Awning Care and Maintenance

Awnings New York City installs retractable side awnings that require minimal maintenance. However, it’s also important to consider following the expert awning care and maintenance tips to ensure that your retractable side awnings serve you for the longest time possible.
Notice the easy-to-follow tips below:

  • Keep the Retractable Side Awnings Clean
    The easiest way to keep your awning clean and in good condition is to remove any debris or dirt as soon as you see it. A soft brush dislodges most messes, and it’s best to do this regularly rather than waiting until the awning is visibly dirty. 
    In addition, you should also regularly check the awning for any signs of damage, such as tears or fraying. If you identify these issues early, the repair cost will be low.
  • Lubricate the Moving Parts
    The moving parts of retractable side awnings will benefit from regular lubrication. Lubrication reduces friction that can damage the moving units or cause them to wear out more quickly.
    Lubricating the retractable side awnings also keeps them operating smoothly and efficiently. Awnings have a lubrication schedule. However, if you are still determining how often to lubricate the moving parts of your machine, please consult an awning manufacturer.
  • Inspect Fabric for Fading or Discoloration
    Keep your awning looking its best by inspecting it regularly for fading or discoloration. If you notice areas that seem to be losing color, you can try spot-cleaning with a mild soap and water solution.
    However, if the damage is extensive, it’s probably time to replace the fabric. Whether you’re dealing with fading or discoloration, the key is to catch the problem early and act before it becomes too severe. 
  • Retract the Awning When Not in Use
    When your retractable side awning is not in use, retract it and store it in a dry, sheltered place. The hack will help protect the awning from wind, rain, and debris.

Retractable side awnings keep your patio or deck cool and protected from the sun and rain. However, it’s essential to take proper care of your awning to ensure that it lasts for years to come. If you have questions about installing, cleaning, or maintaining your awning, please talk to us at New York City Signs and Awnings. We are happy to help.